Halutza extra virgin olive oil

Brand: Holon

Halutza extra virgin olive oil

classified as ?extra virgin olive oil - the highest quality classification, this smooth, elegant oil is rich in aroma and yields an incomparable grassy-fruity bouquet and taste. produced in the negev on groves purchased in 1940 by the revivim pioneers, these elegant dark bottles contain some of the best tasting olive oil in the world. this premium oil has won first place awards in both israel and italy for it's quality and unique fruity flavor. irrigated with water from underground desert aquifers, and grown in a remote, pollution-free area, halutza has more vitamin e than most oils, and rivals the finest tuscany oils for it's health benefits. delicious for dipping. ou-p, b'datz. maximum acidity 0.5%.
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Brand: Holon
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